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Payment Processing

The payments industry is basically a pyramid of providers, banks, aggregators, and Independent Sales Organizations. At the top are the credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX) which charge flat interchange fees direct to the big processing powers such as First Data, Tsys, Global Payments, and Vantiv. These entities clear the credit card payments and, while some take individual customers, each works with intermediary services, including Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), which must register with a bank.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the business owners, who have to contend with two, three, or more sets of fees: interchange fees from the credit card company and transaction fees from the processor and intermediary. There are a few different pricing structures available, and which one you choose depends on the number of transactions you clear each month, the sum of the credit card payments you receive, and the average amount of each transaction. A merchant who sells big ticket items with big ticket prices, like a car dealership, may sell 10 vehicles per month, averaging $20,000 each, has different needs than a coffee shop that accepts hundreds of swipes worth $10 each.

We offer our own processing solution that saves you money. Just give us a call to get a rate quote today. We can get you the very best rates and cost saving promotions with some of the largest and most recognized processors in the industry. We can and will point your in the right direction depending on your specific needs so let us help you choose the right processor for your business.

If you are happy with your current card processing company, stay! We will work with them for a seamless interface to your POS software. Unlike other POS dealers, we can integrate with almost any merchant services solution. Here are some of the merchant services vendors we interface with:

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