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The First. The Best. In 1993, LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution. With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction insuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.


With our 16 years of experience, LRS continues to redefine the paging industry with customer-driven features. With our shock absorbing bumper and Lexan case, LRS now boasts that our coaster pager is the most durable guest pager in the industry. In addition, LRS has now included alphanumeric messaging with our Alphacoaster pager.

Alert your staff and guests faster when they’re holding an LRS hand-held pager. Reaching waiting guests, customers or patients has never been simpler with the assistance of any of the modern, durable equipment. LRS has designed and optimized these guest pagers to give your staff the ability to enable a superior guest experience and top-of-the-line service. Since our hand-held pagers are wireless and work anywhere on premise, you give guests the freedom to visit the on-site eatery, roam the facility or make a personal phone call.


Alert your staff and guests faster with systems that have the ability to notify guests via their personal cell phones. You can instantly notify guests no matter where they are on- or off-premise. And, if coupled with other LRS communication and marketing solutions, you can ensure you’re improving productivity levels and guest satisfaction.

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“Committed to Helping Businesses Provide Better Customer Experiences”

From the beginning, since the birth of LRS’ iconic restaurant coaster pager, LRS remains committed to providing tools and services that enable its customers to provide a better guest experience. As the innovator of onsite communications, our services today range from: