Cloud Inventory Control

For most restaurants, inventory costs are the largest expense. But managing restaurant inventory is hard. Unlike retail establishments, what you buy from your vendors and what you sell to your customers can be completely different things. One challenge is that menu and recipe changes need to flow down into ingredients, and ingredients are subject to waste, theft, spoilage, and over-production. Another challenge is that products come in from multiple vendors, and there are typically few standards and processes in place.

Until now, restaurants had no easy way to set up and manage inventory items and recipes. Big chains and small independents alike need to control inventory, because it has such an impact on customer satisfaction and profit margins. PeachWorks has finally created a simple way to accomplish that.

PeachWorks Inventory combines the simplicity of managing inventory on a spreadsheet with the power of a fully-integrated and mobile, cloud-based solution. It provides you with a more complete and accurate view of your entire inventory, with the ability to easily add and track items, add receipts for items purchased, declare prep, and run powerful reports to track large variances and determine cost of sales for your enterprise. But you don’t have to be a tech expert to use it – like all of our apps, Inventory is easy to learn and even features a built-in app “wizard” to help guide all users.



Bar Inventory Control

Precise Counts

We use barcode scanning technology which eliminates clipboards, reduces errors and reduces time required on-site. For your partial wine, kegs and liquor bottles, we use precision scales, which is the most accurate method of quickly capturing precise on-hand inventory levels. Visually eyeballing your partial bottles isn’t good enough when counting your money, producing inventory variance reports and bringing potentially serious matters to the attention of your employees.



Our performance reports dive deep, revealing opportunities for increasing profits by adjusting your pricing where appropriate.

Some of our most satisfied clients have successfully tied our Bevinco variance reports into their management incentive programs, optimizing results by putting inventory variances top of mind for busy managers pulled in several directions.



Bar operators should use unit analysis to manage and control inventory, unauthorized comps and over-portioning. Similar to your checks and balances procedure of counting the cash drawer each day, when there are variances in stock assets, there should be a consistent methodology for resolving them.

Kitchen Inventory Control

The two main product lines are CorTec and ChefTec Software. Additional products, such as Mobile Solutions, work seamlessly with the two main product lines.

Within the CorTec and ChefTec product lines are “modules” that provide Recipe & Menu Costing functionality, Inventory Control, Nutritional Analysis, Purchasing & Ordering, HACCP, and Alerts & Reminders.

Also available are Production, Event Management, Lot Tracking, and Waste Tracking Modules for both CorTec and ChefTec. The Requisition & Transfer Module is available for CorTec only