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Digital Dining Delivers Uncompromising Functionality to Restaurateurs—Increasing Productivity, Minimizing Errors and Driving Profits

Digital Dining has been successfully serving the restaurant industry for more than 30 years. Whether you operate one restaurant or manage a multi-unit enterprise of up to 100 locations, Digital Dining is committed to helping your business prosper by delivering fast and secure point-of-sale solutions. In addition to its powerful agnostic platform and impressive customization capabilities, the Digital Dining user interface is also user-friendly. We support a wide array of food service customers – from fine dining, quick serve and casual dining to hotels, country clubs, food courts, hospitals, universities and others in the hospitality industry.

Digital Dining Features

A Few Industries We Serve

Resorts & Clubs

Pizza & Delivery

Restaurant & Bar

School & Cafeteria

Fast Casual


Easy, Convenient Point of Sale

Increase profits, minimize errors, and boost productivity with this simple, feature-rich point of sale (POS) solution. Heartland’s Digital Dining, available from Missouri Restaurant Solutions, enables restaurants to operate more efficiently and profitably while saving time and money. Digital Dining gives you and your staff the ability to and payments faster, customize menus, and accurately fulfill orders. Forget long lines and kitchen errors; this exceptional software enables you to deliver enhanced customer experiences by turning your operation into a well-oiled machine. No matter the size or concept of the restaurant you operate, can help you run a successful business.



Benefits of Choosing Heartland Digital Dining:

If running a lucrative business is an art, an industry-leading restaurant POS solution is your paintbrush – without it, operating profitably and successfully is nearly impossible. With Heartland Digital Dining, your business can enjoy:

Increased Productivity: With fast, accurate payment processing, table management capabilities, and staff rotation features, staff can turn tables faster.


Enhanced Security: Secure transmissions, activity monitoring, and access control are all capable with Digital Dining’s built-in security features


Higher Profits: Customizable suggestive selling prompts based on orders make it easy for staff to up-sell and cross-sell.


Menu Control: Maintain thousands of menu items, multiple price points, and unlimited chains of modifiers, as well as preparation instructions.

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